PM Modi praises CM Yogi , said other states should learn


In Uttar Pradesh prime minister Narendra Modi has launched ‘Atma Nirbhar UP’. From this 1.25 crores labourers will get employment. PM Modi through remote launched Atma Nirbhar UP. During this UP’s CM Yogi Adityanath was also present.

Cheif minister Yogi Adityanath said that during this COVID- 19 crisis, the PM has shown the direction to the country and now by promoting such schemes for migrant workers and labourers he gave direction and now employment is being promoted.

State CM said that we have done skill mapping of almost 30 lakhs migrant labourers except of children below 18 . This will make it easier to give employment to workers.

During this PM Modi talked to labourers and women from savvy support group. He inquired about the work of the women and asked them how they are working to become self reliant.

PM Modi talked to Nagendra who came from Ahemdabhad’s Rajeev nagar to Gorakhpur. There he used to do work of steel utensils. Nagendra told that after returning he buyed a Baffalo costing 1 lakh rupees, started dairy and everday he earns 365 rupees by selling 7 kg’s of milk.

But there they he used to earn 7000-8000 rupees. PM Modi asked do you benefited from Corona? You turned disaster into opportunity.

You have Buffalo don’t you know what to give? Indian government has started vaccination scheme you should vaccinate your baffalo and not let animals get sick and you should concentrate on their diet. From Buffalo’s urine-dung make fertilizer and sell them. Nagendra said yes! definitely.

PM talked to Siddharth nagar’s Kurban Ali and known his condition. PM Modi said to Kurban Ali this time you returned from Mumbai to your village you must be celebrated Ramjan month at home.

Kurban Ali said that on 12 may I came to my village. PM Modi asked him what work you do in village? Kurban Ali said that me and my younger brother do work in private . Will they get work from government?

PM Modi- my best wishes are with you. With this PM Modi said that we all have experienced up’s and down’s in our life’s, in village, in city and at each levels we experience different situations.on corona PM Modi said we know one medicine of corona. This medicine is social distancing, face masks.

Untill we find vaccine for corona this is the only medicine which can stop it from spreading. PM Modi said thai i have full faith that under Yogi’s governance, the way he turned disaster into opportunity and from this scheme other states will also get to learn a lot they will get inspired.

Today when country is facing corona epidemic the efforts that are shown by UP are appreciable, the way he handled the situation and got success is wonderful and praisable. Whether it’s UP’s doctors, paramedical staff, sweepers, police men, anagnwadi workers, banks, transport department and labourers all have contributed fully.

UP’s efforts and achievements are massive because it is not just one state but a bigger state than many countries of the world. UP’s population is also feeling this massive acheivement. But if you know the figures then you are even more surprised.


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