Priyanka Gandhi has to vacant government’s bungalow within a month


Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has received a notice to vacant her bungalow.

This notice was sent by the ministry of civil affairs. In this notice ministry has urged her to vacant government’s bungalow within a month and also said she is offered a Z+ security by the CRPF on all India level in which there no provision of allotment of bungalow or there is no way to keep it .

So she is not entitled to any government bungalow. This notice was given to her on August 1.

She was living in this house for 23 years.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has been living for 23 years in government’s bungalow. But now she has been asked to vacant 35 Lodhi estate, type 6B .

According to ministry she is not eligible for this bungalow because of this she has to vacant the bungalow. Actually in year 2000 a rule was made that person having no SPG security will not be alloted any bungalow.

Priyanka has received SPG security much before but now is taken back and has given Z+ security.under Z+ security people don’t get any government bungalow. Because of this she has been asked to vacant the house.

In year 1997 Priyanka Gandhi had alloted Lodhi road’s bungalow and every month she pays 37000 rupees as rent to government. She has got 1 august deferment to vacant bungalow.

Raised voice on government’s decision

Congress leader Rajeev Shukla has raised question on this decision and said this unsuitable.

Because Gandhi family has alloted this bungalow due to security reasons. Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi was murdered that’s why there is always security threat on this family.

Will shift to Lucknow

After order of ministry of housing and urban Priyanka Gandhi can permanently shift to Lucknow. It is said that Priyanka will shift to Shiela kaul’s bungalow in Gokhale marg. This bungalow is closed since years .

But now this is being renovated for Priyanka Gandhi. In this house Mahatma Gandhi had came several times and in this house a plant is present which was planted by former PM Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Who is Sheila kaul?

Sheila kaul was the former Congress leader, a cabinet minister and given service on governors post . She died in 2015.

she was the sister-in-law of Jawahar Lal Nehru and maternal grandmother of Indira Gandhi. Priyanka Gandhi often used to go to their house.