No financial crisis in the kingdom of Lord Vishnu, just do following things after bath


Lord Vishnu is known as the rearer of world. Actually according to hindu mythology when Brahmaji was about to deliver, Lord Vishnu was rearer and Lord Shiva was retractor. Lord Vishnu is known as pain reliever of devotee’s.

If any devotee do worship of Vishnu ji then her/his all wishes fulfills and if in life any type of crisis come he is capable of resolving it. In it today we are going to tell you some important measures of Lord Vishnu.

By applying these measures he will be happy soon and with this your money related problems will resolve. Not only this these measures will help you in getting rid of life problems. So what are you waiting for let’s know what measures you have to do…

Wear yellow clothes

In worshiping yellow and red coloured clothes are considered auspicious. If we talk about Lord Vishnu yellow colour is his favorite.

That’s why if you worship him by wearing yellow coloured clothes and applying turmeric teeka on forehead he will happy soon and with this offer offering of yellow colour sweets in the form of prasad. By this your wish will be fulfilled even sooner.

Worship of banana tree

At night near banana tree burn the lamp and worship well. Now do Vishnuji’s laud by sitting near it. By this your fortune brightens and bad luck will leave, all stop work will be complete and no problem comes in earning.

Donate following things

Lord Vishnu become happy by donation that’s why with open heart do donations in temples, to poors, beggars, priests and needy. If possible donate yellow coloured things as we have told yellow colour is Vishnuji’s favorite.

That’s why by donating yellow coloured clothes, jaggery, pulses, sweets, etc. he become happy. These measures eliminates the problems going in your life and in this money related problems are also included.

Give food to animals

Like all gods Lord Vishnu also love animals. That’s why giving food to animals like cow, goat, baffalo, dog, crow is considered auspicious. By this Vishnuji become happy and your wish is fulfilled.


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