India’s digital attack break down China – taken following step on Chinese apps ban


China got a big shock from India’s digital attack. China is unable to handle the decision of India and in such due to fear of heavy loses now it is appealing for removing ban on Chinese apps.

Chinese embassy’s spokesman has demanded India to change decision on Chinese apps ban.

Actually India has putted ban on 59 Chinese apps. On government decision in Delhi situated Chinese embassy Ji Rong has shown his response and describing it as absurd, it is wrong.

China will strongly oppose this step of Indian government.

Chinese embassy spokesman said that government’s decision is against the neutral and transparent processes and it misuses national security exceptions.

Calling it against rules of world Trade he said by seeing market competition in india and consumers rights this decision is not suitable.

Not only this he also proclaimed China will go against this decision and will appeal for it’s changement.

Chinese foreign ministry is anxious after this step

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian expresses deep concern on India’s decision. He said that China is worried and information about the entire case is being taken.

Chinese foreign ministry has said we want to give emphasis on this that chinese government always says to Chinese businesses to follow international and domestic legal regulations.

Indian government has responsibility to maintain legal rights of chinese investors including international investors.

By chinese apps ban people’s tension has increased

By India’s decision chinese people tension has increased. China’s people are saying that by this in country unemployment will increase.

Other than this people are worried if India puts ban on cancer medicine then China’s problem will increase. Actually the medicine which are exported to China by India are very cheap in rate.

On international level India’s decision is being praised

Due to this decision China’s air is tight, but on international level is being praised. In America, Canada, Australia, Europe, including many others contries demand is flying to ban chinese companies and apps.

International media is also praising this decision. Now Indian people are demanding ban on Huawei and ZTE on social media.

Following platformers has also removed chinese apps

Google Play store and apple app also removed 59 chinese apps banned by India. Actually government has ordered these companies to immediately stop the services given to them.

Point to be noted is that it is historical move taken by India by banning tiktok, UC browser, cam scanner, share it, club factory, mi video call- Xiaomi including 59 apps.