After the mess a big news of aarogya setu app, know the whole matter


In aarogya setu, the COVID-19 tracing app provided by the government, some technical issues came because of that it had stopped working.

On logging in,the app was showing 503 temporarily unavailable error so same some users were unable to ‘login’.

However the good news is that now problem has been resolved. This app places a very crucial role in providing protection against corona.

For tackling corona Modi’s government has launched this app. After the mess through a twit aarogya setu informed that some users has reported login error.

Our technical team are on the job. We will be back soon. After the error in app, on social media discussion was intensified on it’s hacking.

This app has over 12 crore downloads. PM Modi had said that this app will help in fighting the battle of corona epidemic.

In India this app has been listed as the most downloaded health app. Government has appealed to it’s population to download aarogya setu app in their mobile.

After this step in private and government sectors this has been made compulsory.
Know about aarogya setu app:-

This is available in 11 languages. You can take the information about 10km area. By this app you can know who and how many people near by you are infected with corona.